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Lot 1718

WESTERN HAN: Anonymous, 113 BC 7-AD, clay coin mold, H-8.8, 285mm x 144mm, part of a clay mold for Shang Lin San Guan type wu zhu coins, with 22 full or partial impressions of the coins.

Shang Lin San Guan Wu Zhu refers to the Three Offices of Shang Lin Park which were the Office for Coinage, the Office for Sorting Copper, and the Office of Price Equalisation. Minting was now confined to the central authorities. These coins usually have a raised rim on the top of the hole on the obverse. Their quality was so high that forgery became unprofitable except to true artisans, great villains, or thieves. All earlier coins were to be melted down and the copper taken to Shang Lin.

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