Auction 42

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Lot 3143

WORLDWIDE: LOT of 17 medals, including Austria-Hungary: AE 32mm Charles I (1916-8) Fortitude; France: 1826 AE 51mm Louis Antoine Dauphin, 1880 AR 41mm Agriculture and Commerce Award medal in original plush case, 1887 AR (gilt reverse) 51mm Concours de Tir Award medal in original plush case, 1902 AR 41mm Beaux Arts/Ornamental Design Award medal in original plush case, 1918 AE 50mm Marechal Foch, ND (1880) AR 35mm Chambre de Commerce de Marseille octagonal in original plush box, and 1965 AR 50mm Conseil General de la Seine Award medal in original wallet; Great Britain: 1915 Cast Iron 56mm English Copy Lusitania Goetz medal, ND (ca. 1790) AR 35mm Edward VI/Christ Hospital, 1891 white metal 39mm Royal Naval Exhibition in silver nautical pinback bezel, 1918 AR 32mm R.A.F. Obstacle Race Award medal (engraved) with ribbon, 1935 AR 38mm Silver Jubilee Birmingham holed for suspension, and 1935 AR 33mm Silver Jubilee with ribbon and hanger; Israel: 1978 AR 60mm Camp David Meeting; United States: 1933 AE 70mm Century of Progress Chicago; and Vatican City: ND (ca. 1960) AE 61mm Pope John XXIII; average circulated grades, with a few uncs, in consignor's holders; retail value $675, lot of 17 pieces.

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