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Lot 3141

WORLDWIDE: LOT of 22 medals, including Argentina: 53mm 1904 AR? medal Inauguration of San Nicolas Officials R, Denmark: 43mm 1748 white metal medal Hans Gram, 54mm 1872 white metal medal Nordic Industry and Art Exhibition, 53mm 1888 white metal medal Nordic Industrial, Agricultural, and Art Exhibition, and 49mm white metal medal Copenhagen Industrial Exposition (2 pcs); France: 28mm 1737 AE jeton F-2495 Rabbi/Treasure Room; Germany: 29mm 1871 AE Franco-Prussian War medal (no ribbon) and 51mm 1903 AE medal General Meeting of the Gustav Adolfus Evangelical Association; Norway: 26mm AE medalet Roald Amundsen (with ribbon); and Sweden: 44mm 1866 white metal medal Industrial Exhibition in Stockholm, 37mm 1866 white metal medal Art and Industrial Exhibition (with fitted brass case), 31mm 1934 AE medal 20 Years "Sweden's Landstorm" RR, 31mm base metal 1983 General Swedish Electrical Limited Company 100 Years RR, 29mm AR 1882 M.T.F. (Work, Freedom, and Enlightenment) RR, 34mm AE 1909 unissued award medal Military Sports Federation, 34mm AE 1913 unissued award medal Association for Olympic Short-Distance Shooting, 32mm ND (ca. 1960?) AE medal Right Wing Party for Democracy, 28mm white metal medalet Oscar II King of Sweden and Norway, 42mm aluminum 1891 medal Gothenburg Industrial Exhibition, 56mm 1899 white metal medal Oscar II 70th Birthday Pressler-976, and 35mm ND (ca. 1890?) Royal Patriotic Society award medal (with ribbon); average circulated grades, with a few uncs, viewing recommended, a quality lot; retail value $750, lot of 22 medals.

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