Auction 42

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Lot 3139

WORLDWIDE: LOT of 28 coins, including Bolivia: Felipe II cob real KM-22 and 17(50) P-E cob real; Burma: CS1214 kyat; Colombia: 1812-NR JF real; France: Charles VIII (1483-1498) blanc à la couronne Duplessy-587; German States: Bavaria: 1868 thaler; Bremen:1654 12 grote; Cologne: 1716 stuber; Trier: 1692 3 groschen; and Wurttemberg-Oels: 1712 6 kreuzer; England: Edward I (1272-1307) long cross penny and Edward III (1327-77) groat Spink-1565; Hong Kong: 1905 50 cents; Hungary: 1510 denar and 1616-NB 3 krajczar; Italian States/Perugia: (1260-68) denaro piccolo Finetti-1; Sardinia: 1826 centesimo; Siena: (13th Century) denaro; Mexico: 1772MoFF ½ real, 1782MoFF ½ real (holed), 1773MoFM real inverted mintmark and assayer, and 1832GoMJ real; Poland:1665 6 groschen KM-91; Poland/East Prussia: 1783 3 groschen; Russia: 1897 rouble Y-59.1; Spain/Barcelona: Pere I (1196-1213) dinero and Jaime I (1276-1285) dinero CC-1832; and Turkey: AH1277 year 1 20 para; average circulated grades, in consignor's 2x2 holders; retail value $850, lot of 28 pieces.

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