Auction 40

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Lot 597

SHAHS OF BADAKHSHAN: Bahramshah, 1360s-1374, AR 1/6 dinar (1.27g), Kishm, AH772, A-2017, with the title sultan mu'azzam, mint at the bottom of the obverse, date in numerals to the left, standard kalima filling the reverse, VF, RRR.

This and Lot #2354 2nd and 3rd confirmed Islamic coins form the mint of Kishm. The other piece was a gold dinar of the Khwarizmshah ruler 'Ala al-Din Muhammad, sold in our Auction 39, Lot 524.
Kishm is a city in the northeastern Afghan province of Badakhshan, not to be confused with Kish in Central Asia (now in Uzbekistan).

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