Our Company

Stephen Album Rare Coins is an American company specializing in ancient, Islamic, Indian, Chinese and modern world coins. The company produces monthly fixed-price catalogs and three major auctions each year, in January, May, and in September.

We are the world`s leading dealer in Islamic and Indian coins.

The company attends many of the world`s major numismatic conventions, including

  • the American Numismatic Association`s World`s Fair of Money,
  • three Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expos,
  • the New York International Numismatic Convention,
  • the Chicago International Coin Fair,
  • the Hong Kong International Coin Convention,
  • the Tokyo International Coin Convention,
  • and several of the NUMISMATA coin conventions in München, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Stephen Album began as a full time dealer in numismatics in 1976. The firm grew in 1981 when Norman D. Nicol joined the firm as Steve`s full time assistant. In 2001 Joseph Lang joined the firm and became a full partner in 2004. The firm has grown considerably since Michael Barry joined the firm in 2008, and in 2010 the company moved to a new much larger office in Santa Rosa, California.

If you are interested in selling or consigning your collection to us, please contact either Steve or Joe at info@stevealbum.com. We can offer very competitive terms.